Photo Inspiration: The Masai Mara


The Masai Mara offers you one of the greatest shows on earth every year. About 2 million herbivores most prominently the wildebeest migrate from the Serengeti reserve to the Masai Mara following the rains. They move in such large numbers that when viewed it appears that the earth is slowly moving along with them. The process of natural selection takes it course during this epic journey with the weaker animals dying of fatigue, falling prey to the prowling predators on land and in water. Coincidentally this season aligns with the mating season and the reserve becomes home to many young ones a standing testimony to the success of the conversation efforts. There are various lodges in and around the reserve which offer safaris. Also hot air balloon companies operate in the reserve to give you a bird’s eye view to this marvelous spectacle.

Life of a Moroccan mosiac

At Fez one of my most memorable experience was the visit to the pottery school and co -operative. I am a lover of all things mosaic so I was totally kicked about this experience. It was amazing to see how the different mosaic items were made. Even more astonishing is the fact that all of the items were hand made. There was not a single machine in the premises.


The wet clay is moulded into different items like plates, egg cups, trays, fountains etc.

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The moulded items are dried in the sun and then painted. The artists use all natural colours.



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The painted items are fired in a kiln. Olive pits are used in the kiln. They burn at very high temperatures.


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Cutting and shaping:

The fired items are cut into shapes. This is is the best part that blows me away. The tiles are then arranged into the pattern that the artists desires but here is the deal – THEY ARE ARRANGED FACE DOWN!!! So the artists does not see see how the patterns are forming or what colors he is using. He just knows. now is there another definition of skill!