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There is no advertisement as powerful as a positive reputation traveling fast.
-Brian Koslow

About  Places, Faces and the Journey In Between

Places, Faces and the Journey in Between is a collection of notes from the author’s experiences on the road. It has funny anecdotes on how to avoid getting ripped off by guides, offers tips on surviving without water for a week in Kenya, details information on places and lends a voice to the stories of  people  among other things.

Who are the readers?

  • Travelers looking for information
  • Fellow bloggers
  • People who like a good story
  • Budget travelers
  • Volunteer travelers
  • Solo travelers

Where are the readers from?

  • Total of 107 countries
  •  India tops the list with 53%
  •  USA second  with  21 %
What are the readers interested in?
  • Trip planning
  • Destination information
  • Narrative pieces
  • Solo travel
  • Personal Essays
How many readers are we talking about?
  • Since the blog moved to its current address in August 2011 it has been viewed on an average about 1000 times  a month.
  • The number of followers has increased to 998 and continues to increase.
  • Alexa Ranking:  2,670,188
What does 2014 have to offer?
  • Off beat travel
  • Balancing travel with a day job
  • Notes on traveling with your spouse
  • Trekking in India
  • South America on a budget
More Information?

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