Finding one’s place

When I was in my mid 20’s I was an unemployed graduate living with my aunt in the most beautiful place in the United States , San Diego.  Lehman Brothers had crashed  rather  inconveniently a few months prior to my graduation.

Everybody told me that things were going to be ok; I would find a good job; God was working things out;-  You know the drill. But for my mid 20 year old self it was the end of the world! Here  I was with a Master’s degree from prestigious Georgia Tech and nothing to show for it. I remember struggling to fight back a bout of depression that was in turn attempting to engulf me.  I was lost. I had no clue what I wanted to do in life; what I wanted from life. Soon things started working out. I moved back to India, found myself a job, a good job that I enjoyed and all was well once again.

But I had this gnawing discomfort that I really did not know what I wanted from life. I read on BBC Travel, on multiple blogs on WordPress  about people who quit their jobs and traded everything they had for a life on the road. Being a person stuffed in and out with wanderlust I wondered if that was something that was written for me? If it was when my call came would I have the guts to leave it all?

My aunt who was my  angel in time of need once told 5 years back that I needn’t worry about what I wanted from life at that  moment. She said that by the time I am 30 I would have it all figured out. She could not have been more right. 2014 saw me turn 30!!!! And like my aunt said I have it figured out ( most of it atleast!).

I know a life on the road is not on my cards. I know I will travel to places throughout my life and at the same time I am also sure that I will always have a one constant place that I will return to after each and every single trip- home. Figuring this out has made a huge difference in my life.

So on this the first Wednesday of 2015 here is my message to all my readers who are still figuring out life :- Don’t you worry. When the time is right you will have all the answers. In the meantime “Experience everything. Be Fully Alive!


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