Notes on posting everyday in November

Today is November 30th and officially this is the last day of NaBloPoMo. I survived! I made it. I posted every day this month( this post being the last). I rule! Yeah!!

Here are a few of my thoughts on NaBloPoMo:

  • There are certain things I know I am going to do and certain things I am sure I am NOT going to do. For example I know that I am not going to be posting every day. While it was enriching experience making sure you were saying or showing something to your readers every day, it also made me do a lot of things the quick and dirty way; all because it was already like 11 45 pm and I had to get the post published before it hit 12:00 the next day.
  • Posting every day requires commitment,dedication and a skill that I can say that I do not possess at this juncture. I could not edit a lot of posts because almost invariably I was racing against time to hit the publish button.
  • I was forced to be creative with my posts. I had to mix it up a bit. A personal essay one day, a photo inspiration the next, a short post on another – I got the chance to explore it all.  At the end of it I realised that personal essays and medium length texts are my forte. I enjoy writing them. Also I need time to edit them, re do bits I am  not happy with.
  • I took the time to analyse my stats and realised that photo posts are quite popular. So I should not write them off completely. It is true that a picture speaks a thousand words.
  • I learnt that I can be committed to a writing practice. There were days when I was traveling or in transit. I anticipated the time I would lose and had scheduled posts accordingly.
  • I went through most of the posts in the draft stage and wrote and rewrote them to completion. This was a herculean task for me. It is very difficult for me to complete a post in multiple sittings. Usually if I am able to structure the piece in a single sitting then I flesh it up in different stages and publish it. But I have never been able to structure a post in multiple stages,until now!
  • Since I had to come up with a new post everyday I started looking at things differently. Well, how will that look in a post? Is that something I can write about? Will my readers be interested in that?
  • And lastly I enjoyed NaBloPoMo. I looked forward to the end of the day where I would type away at my laptop.

I want to thank all my readers for seeing me through NaBloPoMo. Thank you for your comments. It was a pleasure to write for you.

Stay tuned. It may not be NaBloPoMo from tomorrow but I have more coming your way!


A penny for your thoughts!

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