Why non native speakers should teach English

TEFL – Teach English as a Foreign language is a great way to travel the world. All you need is a certificate and of course know English!

I jumped on the bandwagon. I signed up for the 120 hour online course and completed it in 5 days. Yohooo!! The world just opened many more doors …. or so I thought.

I checked on the TEFL job board and there were a 100 listings. So many schools in Georgia wanted English teachers; the police department in Equador wanted English teachers, there were listings for teachers in Paris too!

Here was the catch: They wanted holders of British, American, Australian, Canadian…. etc passports. Even people with a South African passport were considered native speakers of English!  I think somebody forgot to mention that India was colonized by the British too.

There was not much I could do other than come up with reasons as to why non native speakers of English should teach English. In my opinion the non native speakers would actually make better teachers. We know the struggles: The ‘i before e except after c’ rules are all too familiar with us. We know the pain of learning the hard way that tongue, mosque and argue although similar looking are hardly pronounced similarly.

We know that conduct could mean a couple of things. Don’t get me started on the may I and can I s. English is a confusing language with it’s millions of exceptions and grammar rules.

I was taught my a non native speaker of English and I think I did reasonably well.  So if you want to TEFL and unfortunately do not hold a ‘native speaker’s’ passport, make your argument heard.



2 thoughts on “Why non native speakers should teach English

  1. I was wondering what profession gave you so many wonderful international traveling experiences. It has always been said how difficult English is to learn. I wish I had seriously studied a second language enough to become fluent.


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