Three things you must do in Cappadocia

Off the places I have been to, Cappadocia is my favorite place. The people are so friendly and the place as such is fantastic. By rule I do not plan a trip to the same place twice. But I will make an exception for Capadocia in a heart beat.


Here a three things you must do and why:


1. Hot air balloon over Cappadoccia:

This is hands down the best way to Cappadocia. The sun rising amidst a tens of colorful balloons floating in the sky is a surreal sight. Even though my sister and I were on a budget trip we could not pass up an opportunity to do this. Yes it did leave a dent in our pockets but that is one dent I will never regret. When booking a company book for one that takes only a maximum of about 16 people.  The ones with 20+ people will be cheaper but after paying a good 100+ euro you will not want to be fighting for your space in the balloon.

2. Go off roading:

Oh! These machines are mean. The undulating valleys will  make this so fun. A sunset ride to the love valley will be totally worth it on these machines.


3. Walk, walk and walk

There are a lot of marked walking trails in Cappadocia. The pigeon valley walk is a popular one. You will walk through orchards with ripe fruit ( depending on the season) , past rocks shaped in the most uncanny manner. We walked a whole day here and absolutely loved it. Oh and it’s perfectly safe for solo travelers.



A penny for your thoughts!

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