Along the Danube

According to an article in National Geographic Traveler the route of Tram #2 as it moves along the curve of the Danube is one of the top 10 tram rides in the world.  Having been on one I declare that to be true.

The Danube cuts Budapest into two – the Buda and the Pest.  It is remarkable how remnants of the ages of prosperity, cruelty and suffering all find  themselves mixed together like a potpourri.

You can choose to explore the early days of Budapest – the tribes of Magyar to the days of King and then Saint Stephan, or if you choose you can explore the incomprehensible blot on human history , the holocaust or wonder at how soon liberators become occupiers i.e that communist side of Budapest.

Here are a few pictures. Stories to follow soon.





548755_10151048635625378_1608935047_n 548967_10151048636565378_1457063588_n




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