Kambala originated as a rural sport. After the harvest was done, the slushy  paddy fields were filled with water. It served as a race track for farmers to race their buffaloes.

A decade ago when Kambala was still just a rural sport, the sport had an added advantage. The racing of the  buffaloes was used to till the land. Today Kambala is far from that. Buffaloes are now bred with the single intention of racing. . The winning pair receives a few grams of gold which by no stretch balances the money that goes into their diet which consists of  a litre of coconut oil and kilos of fodder a day.

Every team has two buffaloes(of course) yoked together, a runner who either holds the yoke and runs behind the pair or stands on a platform between the pair and a about half a dozen men just to hold the buffaloes.

But whatever anyone says, those lumps of lard can run! I saw a pair of seniors ( age greater than 6 years)  a 100 mts in less than 16 seconds.

Getting ready with a wash

Getting ready with a wash

The yoke

The yoke


The race track

The race track





A pair of seniors








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