Blessed are the travelers

Blessed are the travelers for they will have adventures!

My first solo trip of sorts was Hong Kong. I didn’t speak the language, didn’t have people to hang out with. I got lost, got food poisoned and had a time of my life. I have not stopped since. I have learnt more of this world on the road than I think I ever will otherwise.

On this the first day of 2014 make a vow to yourself that this year you will get out of your comfort zone and explore this beautiful world.  Exploring need not involve buying an expensive flight ticket . It can be as simple as venturing to the nearest town. All it takes is the first step from you.

In my favorite E.E. Cummings own words

Listen; there’s a hell of a good universe next door: let’s go.

May this year bring adventures of all sorts right to your door step. May new experiences and lovely people find in everywhere.  May this blog inspire to travel and travel some more.



A penny for your thoughts!

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