Sunrise, Sunset.

In a few days  the blog sphere  is going to be filled with blogs reviewing people’s 2013. I thought I’d get a head start on mine.

I think the past is past and so lets leave 2013 be.  But 2014 has so much potential. It has 12 whole unused months, oh the possibilities it holds are endless.  We still have a few sunsets   more before we get to it.

Talking of sunsets and year ends tends to make me philosophical.  I feel we should treat every sunset as a year-end. When we see the setting sun we should  make resolutions to break bad habits and  form new ones. With every sunrise we should try to grow a little better, learn something new, try something different , go out and explore.  

So in the coming year may you face every sunrise as though it is the BEST day yet and may every sunset leave you a little healthier, wiser and braver!

And with that I leave you with some of my favorite sunset moments in 2013.











Happy new year all. A brand new sunrise to you all!