The story behind the sunrise

The highlight of my trip to NT was the sunrise and the sunset. I just could not get enough of it.  The riot of colors across the sky, the transformation from night to day and day to night. It was splendid.

The aboriginal people believe that Walli the sun god lights a yellow torch every morning.DSCN1570



She smears makeup across her face. Make up of deep colors – ocher, pink, red, orange.



Then she  picks up the torch and hold it high and travels the earth from east to the west.



She travels till she reaches the far end.



When she reaches the far end. She puts out her torch and rubs off the makeup on her face,



And then she takes an underground tunnel  and travels all night till she reaches the east.


Once she reaches the east she lights her torch and smears her makeup all over again.

Sunrise. Sunset. Another beautiful day!