My favorite memories of summer include climbing trees, taking a dip in the pond, big family gatherings and Mangosthene among other things.


Mangosthene is an  exotic tropical  fruit originally from South East Asia. It starts off as a small green blob which gradually grew bigger and blacker ( in some cases red!).


A carton of fresh Mangostene.

A carton of fresh Mangostene.





My dad would always tease us when we were younger by guessing accurately the number of cloves each of the  fruit had inside. It did not take us long to catch on. The number of thickened petal like formation at the bottom of the fruit was an indicator of the number of cloves.


A five clove fruit.

A five clove fruit.


To crack the fruit open place it between the palm of your hand and gently squeeze.





Please forgive my pictures. Me being lazy waited till the fruit had shriveled to click this picture.



I always mistook Mangosthene to have been grown for its exotic appeal however I read an article the other day suggesting the healing properties of this fruit. Anti inflammatory,  Cancer fighting, anti tumor agent and a lot more!