Where is this blog headed?!

Places, Faces and the Journey in Between as primarily been a travel blog. I started it back in July 2010. I had just discovered writing. I enjoyed pouring out all my adventures in the form of posts off and on, sometimes even up to three times a week. I sure did enjoy every moment of it.

Lately I have been falling behind in updating my blog and to add to that I have a few other new found passions to accompany traveling. Experimenting with an Urban garden, composting, Cooking and running to name a few.

The truth is I am finding it a challenge to update a ‘travel blog‘ on a weekly ( often three times a week)  basis . Which brings us to the question : Should I end this blog?

Oh no! I still am very much in love with writing.

On taking stock of things and the life I am living, I have realized that my writing has matured ( and hopefully so have I).

So my dear readers,

My blog will continue. Hallelujah!

But it will slowly mature from a travel only blog to  something else. What that something else entails you and I are going to discover together. I take a pledge to update this blog on a weekly basis.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey!





A penny for your thoughts!

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