Life: It goes on

Everybody said I was getting old and that I had to get married. I was 28 and was feeling young.  I have heard a myriad of reasons why I had to find a guy quick. ‘Don’t miss the boat’ ,’Don’t let life pass you by’,’ You don’t want to be one of those..’

But I had a plan. It was a simple one. Wait till a nice simple guy came along. And in the meantime travel. It worked out well for me. I am married and suddenly people are calling me and my husband the young couple with lots to learn.

All of a sudden it’s my younger sister who is the ageing one. The pressure of getting married is traumatic to say the least. I know it. I have been there and have crossed over. This is my note to my sister and to all the single unmarried woman facing the storm.

1. This is the best part of your life. Be Selfish. It is your right.

2. Every now and then spend your money on unreasonable things/events that add a difference to your life at least for a day. These are the memories that will get you through some dull moments in life.

3. Travel.  I cannot stress the importance of this one virtue. It can either make you or break you. Either ways you discover truths about yourself that four walls of a classroom and a million self help books can never reveal to you.

4. There is a lot written about the unsafe nature of solo female travel. What is not written but a fact is the unsafe nature of travel. But men still travel. As should you.

5. There is danger lurking even in the most safe place. Be aware at all times. You  can protect yourself and you should.

6. Make a list of places you want to see. Then pick one at random and then book non-refundable tickets. The planning will automatically follow.

7. Learn to cook. It is essential. The way to a man’s heart is through the stomach. Now that is a fact!

8. Where ever you be live comfortably.  While saving for a rainy day don’t miss out on the sunshine.

9.  Discover yourself. This is important. Because unless you know yourself you cannot decide your life.

10. A lot of people will tell you that you are old. Let them. Unfortunately they too have a freedom of expression and speech.

11. You don’t have to hold it together all the time. At times you can scream, cuss, explode, weep,swear.

12. Remember there is no such thing as a perfect guy. If he seems too perfect then run. RUN as if your life depended on it.

13. When you are making a decision about a guy ask yourself how you can help each other grow to be perfect. Imperfections are the most special part of a relationship. If everybody are perfect then it’s no fun.

14. Only marry a guy who wants to marry you  and only you. Not someone who is just looking to get married.

15. Only marry a guy who knows your worth.

16.  Always remember one thing about life. It goes on. It doesn’t pause up until you are married.

17. My favorite advice . One I repeat to myself time and again : Take time to be crazy!


5 thoughts on “Life: It goes on

  1. What if marriage was an option, not a certainty? Why do we always see world through the prism of marriage. It is a great failing of ours as a society for in the end, it is you that decides your path. It is my opinion. Being far from the confines of society in India truly opens your eyes. For that, I say travel!


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