Napoleon’s gender

[ The Matador University has revamped its course content and I just could not pass up on an opportunity to do the MatU assignments again. Those of you in the know are aware that I have already graduated the course, the others should  check out the Matador University site.The following assignment is on exercise on dialogue writing]

I hear them before I see them. There are about ten students all dressed in yellow jumpers. The lady in the red jumper sticking out like a sore thumb must be the instructor. The students walked behind her as though they were being dragged from painting to painting.

” This here is the consecration of Napoleon. Come closer everybody.”
“Mark, Andy step aside and let the lady pass please.”
Mark and Andy contemplate the move when “Today,if possible!”
The instructor seems unruffled by their lack of interest. Instead she continues explaining the painting.
Mark and Andy sit on a bench beside mine.
“Dude the Mona Lisa sucked, Dude”.
“Yeah she is not even pretty!”
“That painting is so damn tiny. Can’t believe we came all the way to see that.”
“Sucks man. I am hungry.”
With that they plug their earphones to their ears and shake their heads to music loud enough for me to hear.

Meanwhile the instructor explains to the remaining students how Napoleon considered himself to be too great to be even crowned by a Pope.

” And that is why in the painting you see only Josephine kneeling for the consecration of Napoleon”, finishes the instructor.
With that the group gets ready to move on to the next painting.

The instructor snaps her fingers in the direction of the two boys with ” Andy, Mark, would you like to join us?”

The two get up. Andy walks over to the painting, hands tucked into his jumper pocket.

He reads the title ” The consecration of Napoleon”.
Mark comes over and stands beside him and in a sudden flash of revelation
“Dude, I thought Napoleon was a guy!”


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