Notes on hitting rock bottom

Another wave.  The boat sways up and down, it’s sides scraping against the already frayed tyres suspended loosely along the sea front.  There is a wave of orange that descends from the boat and quickly and chaotically de-oranges and continues along the walk way bursting  into a  multitude of colors.

After the last of the passengers have de boarded the walk way is once again an empty brown interrupted with a burst of orange life vests carelessly piled up.

I sigh. I am bored. A new place has always had a positive effect on me. But today it  is not working.

Somewhere between the boat and the fading horizon, two seas and an ocean mingle. But all I see is water. Not that I make an effort to see anything, really.

“This is me Lord. I wonder who I am .
I feel I am a million things I am not.”

I walk down to  the water’s edge balancing my feet on the loose rocks.  A scurrying bug scares me and I land flat on the hard surface of the rock.  My butt is hurt from the fall. Now that my down I decide to settle on the rock.

Maybe this is what people call rock bottom.
I smile at the irony. Hit -Rock – bottom!

I stare at the sea for a long time. I sigh. Ah! well I am here, I might as well take the boat to the palm sized island.   I pick up my bag and get up to an epiphany. I was down and now I am up and on my way!

That is the thing about  hitting rock bottom. Once you get there, there is only one way and that is UP!

A penny for your thoughts!

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