Kanyakumari: The size of a postage stamp



Tiny [adj] :   The size of Kanyakumari

Plenty[n]: The time I have for exploring this tiny tip of India

Windy [adj] : The weather on this particular day

Cheap [adj] : The price of a round trip boat ride

Long [ adj] : The queue in front of me

Delayed [v]  : The status of the boat that will take us to the island memorial

Rickety [adj] : The state our boat is in.

Crowded [ adj] : The manner in which people are packed in the boat

Less [n] : The life jackets in comparison to the number of people

Pleasant [ adj] : My walk around the island memorials

Delayed [v] : Our boat back to the mainland

Late [ adj] : I just might miss my train back

Speeding [v] : The auto rickshaw I am in nearly misses a couple of cows

Fleeced [v] : The auto driver makes a fortune thanks to me

Running [v] :  As fast as my legs can carry me towards my train

Last [ adv] : My coach is a mile away from the platform

Panting [v]: But I do board my train a second before the whistle blows

Departing [v] : I wonder if I will come to Kanyakumari another time

Wondering [v]: How long does it really take to explore a town the size of a postage stamp!




2 thoughts on “Kanyakumari: The size of a postage stamp

    • Thanks Priyanka.. I was just experimenting with different styles. I kinda like this style!!! 🙂 Not as creative as the narrative styles but as you said ‘fun’ never the less!



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