Destination: Hong Kong

The art of solo travel

Traveling solo is an art. It cannot be taught.  It just comes to you.  Like all things art it involves letting go of the fear of being wrong and willingly allowing yourself to be lost.

A lot of people shy away from the thought of going away to a new place all by themselves. My best response to them to date as been ” If you cannot put up with yourself how can you expect others to do so?”

Jokes apart, here a few reasons why you should take a solo trip at least once in your lifetime.

In no particular order:

#1.  Discover yourself again :–  Change happens all around us. It happens from within and without. You change.  Every now and then you need to meet the all new You.

#2. Discover your strengths:- I have always had trust issues  or so I thought. But guess what, I was wrong. I packed a bag and hopped on a plane  trusting someone I had never met and who had no reason to be nice to me.

#3. Make new friends:-  Every other person is a potential friend when you are alone.

#4. Increased awareness:- When you are alone you are more aware of everything around you.  You learn to take care of yourself.

#5. Do everything you want :- Although a bit selfish, a plus point of traveling solo is that you do not have to think twice about anything. Want to sleep in? Sure. Want to trek up the hill? Why not! You are the captain of your desires.

#5. No one sees it! :- This is my favorite one. I am always getting into trouble and hence the best part of solo travel for me is the satisfaction of knowing that there is no one around to keep track of my messes and  narrate them to my friends and family once I get back. You have no idea just how important this is.

Companionship is great. No argument there. But once in a while  travel with yourself.