All things simple, all things small

I have not done any travelling lately. There! I said it finally.  Phew! That’s  a load off my chest.

But hey! in my defence  not every travel involves getting on plane or standing in serpentine queues with the hope of getting that last ticket. Every day you travel; you arrive from yesterday to today and you travel from today to tomorrow. It is so easy to miss out the pleasures of these journeys. Here are a list of the small, simple things that make me smile on my journey forward.

  • Fresh coffee in the morning
  • Freshly laundered sheets – nice and crisp and not yet slept on.
  • The smell of a book
  • The smell of the first rain
  • Green leaves
  • The time in between the end of the ladies’ hours and before the first set of men turn up when you have the pool all to yourself
  • The smile on your parents face when they spot you at the airport arrivals lounge
  • The joy of a late night call from a dear friend
  • You have mail!
  • Waking up in the morning and reading all the whats app messages friends from the US have left me
  • Getting a courier from flipkart
  • Planning your next trip
  • Looking at old photographs
  • …..   etc.. etc
These are a list of a few of the simple things that get me through my day. I know I have never asked for your  thoughts before, but today I would love to hear from you.

I’d be honoured if you would share your list of simple things.

All things simple, all things small
And the joy in them all!

Kolkata from behind a bike

Every city is famous for something; Every one of them has a list of must- see, do not miss places and things to do. When in Kolkata for the first time I did not visit any of the ‘must- see’ places. Instead I saw Kolkata at ground level. I saw the everyday lives of the people that live in the city of joy.

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