The backyard in my fruit basket

Going home is exciting always. It is going back to familiar smells, familiar sights and sounds. Its having all the time and not a care in the world. It is lots of coffee, lots of good food and lots and lots of trees.

On my last trip home,while we were taking an evening stroll with two mad dogs I realised that life in Mallikaserry is unique on many levels.   Most of the fruits I eat are grown at home.

Here are a few of the fruits I photographed  ( all taken in my uncle’s backyard). The ones I have not posted include Mangoes, jack fruit, guava, chikku, mangosthene, bread fruit, etc.!




Passion fruit

A kind of lemon

A kind of Lichi

hmmm …I am drawing a blank. But in Malayalam it is called lowlolika.

Star fruit

Wood Apple


A penny for your thoughts!

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