A life worth the while

Lately I have given a lot of thought on what makes a life worth while. Is it successful careers, happy partners , lots of friends or is it the more simpler things that truly add value to a human life?

If you ask me it’s none of these.

You know how people are always telling you do not compare your life to those of others. Well, let me rephrase that for you. When you measure your life do not *ONLY* take your achievements into consideration. You should weigh your contribution in another’s life. Is your neighbour’s life a little better because of you?

If I were to find myself knocking on Pearly gates sometime soon and St. Peter with his  long list of my atrocities and nonsense were to ask me why he should let me through,then here is my answer; shorter, much shorter than my list of atrocities but they hold a redeeming grace nonetheless!

#1. I have read stories to Children

With pre-schoolers

I think it is a shame to go through life without ever having experienced the innocent anticipation of children listening to a story, even the ones they have heard a hundred times.

2. I have taken a complete stranger’s dog for a walk


Somehow there is a certain ‘cannot be explained’ joy in being a special someone to a random dog!

#3. I have helped a bunch of kids to count till 99.

St. Peter’s school

The joy on their faces while they figured out the number chart is far far better than any other accomplishment I have known in life.

#4. I have listened to stranger’s stories

Everyone has a story

Everyone has a story to tell.  Listen to them.No matter how trivial it may be. It may be the only time their voice will be heard.


Everyone has it in them to make a difference , right where they are, with what they have.

” Do not wait for leaders.Do it alone, person to person!”



5 thoughts on “A life worth the while

  1. Hi, I accidentally came across your blog a few months ago and have been reading it ever since. Just wanted to say that I find it very enjoyable, and especially liked this one.

    p.s. you banner is a picture of the pyramids; incidentally I live in Cairo. Have you been here?


    • Hi Abumathen,

      Thank you so much for you comments. Unfortunately I have not been to Cairo yet. Its on the list for sure.

      Thank you for reading.



      • Hi Marie,

        Thanks for your reply. I was rude and didn’t introduce myself the last time. Although I live in Cairo at the moment am actually from Kerala, and was Avira’s junior in school (found the blog through one of his posts on FB). Enjoy travelling, but not as much as reading about it. 🙂 My favourite remains a small nondescript book called the Snow Leopard, which is only a semi travelogue, in addition to the usual fare – Darlymple, Iyer, et al



  2. I came across your blog accidentally, a few months ago, and have been reading it since. Just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoy the posts, especially this one.

    p.s. Your banner is a photograph of the pyramids; incidentally I live in Cairo. Have you been here?


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