Far from the city

Mahatma Gandhi once said India lived in her villages.  It’s really not true anymore.  With people moving into cities, concrete structures  have replaced the tilled land.

In this post I have attempted to put together a  few pictures of  the disappearing India.

Convenient humaness?

When there was unrest in the middle east, tanks from the west were stationed in record time and soldiers deployed by the hundreds; leaders were smiling for the camera, while shaking hands in the name of peace talks.  Photographs of prominent leaders deplaning from jumbo jets occupied the headlines, while counts of civilians who lost their lives were easily missed within the fine print.  All eyes were on the war in the desert; all motives  were directed  toward the oil wells. Even someone who never kept abreast of current affairs would also have known that the oil in the East was at stake!

I remember watching the movie Hotel Rwanda in terror. I was terrified, not so much as  to what the human race could do to each other but on the contrary I found myself petrified by what the human race would not do for each other.  A line that stuck with me was “I think if people see this footage they’ll say, “oh my God that’s horrible,” and then go on eating their dinners.”  

I had to watch a movie to learn of the acts of genocide. I have come across articles in different magazines, both online and print narrating acts of unspeakable violence, witness accounts and survivor stories. Some time I wonder that if Rwanda had a little oil would the fate of that country have been different?

Would all those people have had to suffer if the human race had put humaness in front of convenience, political or otherwise?

Why is that even in death we discriminate? How many people have to die before it becomes a genocide? How do the leaders decide which lives are worth saving?  Would they even summon their heads of defence if there was no gain for them?

There are many other acts of atrocities committed by the so called human race. Some of them hit the world  news the minutes the first shot is fired or when the first machete strikes  ( I am guessing those are the ones with oil involved); the others you will have to google.

And we call ourselves civilized!