The Sunderban Tides – The Fourth Tide

The Irony of it all

Kumaresh’s household takes care of all the guests who come to the Sunderbans with the Backpackers. His mother, wife, sister and daughter cook all the delicious meals. Even on the boat (Elmar) while the tourists are busy looking through their fancy cameras and binoculars dying to catch a glimpse of the Royal Bengal tiger, a member of his household is usually below the deck, cooking.

For Kumaresh, a Life Insurance  agent by profession this is his secondary income. As long as people come over to Sunderbans to spot the Royal Bengal tiger he has a steady income. Through another angle his primary income also depends on the tiger – as long as there are Royal Bengal tigers in the Sunderbans, the people of the islands think they need a Life Insurance policy. His whole income depends on the elusive Royal Bengal tiger. As long as there is a tiger around he has a steady income.

Oh! and did I mention that his father was killed by a tiger?  The Royal Bengal tiger, the boon and the bane of his existence.


5 thoughts on “The Sunderban Tides – The Fourth Tide

  1. what a sad story! There is some research going on into how the Royal Bengal TIger has always been a man-eater…as in even when there was o apparent need (like injury or encroachment on their habitat). Food for thought.


    • I read an article on the the Marichjhapi incident recently . It is really sad that a tiger’s life was worth more than that of a fellow human being. I am not against conservation by any means but when it come to Man Vs Wild, I am all for the former.


    • Really? Is that all a human life is worth? And when the tiger has eaten all the humans isnt it still going to starve? So what was the point of conservation if I may ask!


  2. my basic principle behind it is humans push other species into extinction whereas the other species never kill humans just for plain enjoyment…this world has been made for all the species – its not the birthright of humans alone…we take away the land of the tigers for greed and for our selfish purposes and we deserve to be killed when they retaliate..humans are the worst and the most selfish species of the whole lot (mind you, am not talking about you – am only talking in general)…

    jus to better illustrate, if i come and try to displace you from your home, would you accept it without reason or would you try to defend your territory !!!!

    even when parks and reserves have been made exclusively for animals, the ground reality is different – the poachers, the villagers everybody dont give a damn and keep entering even the limited land available to the animals…its justice when they get killed by the animals in return for their selfishness and total disregard for everything around them


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