The Sunderban tides – The first tide

[Sorry for posting this multiple times but I am having trouble with wordpress. šŸ˜¦ ]

The tide country

My roommate read Amitav Ghosh’s Hungry tide before me. I did not care much for Ghosh. I thought him to be like most other Indian authors who achieve fame by capitalizing on human suffering. But one night at a dinner a week before I left for the Sunderbans, a colleague suggested I read the book before the trip. Being much senior to me, I took him for his word. I bought the book. I devoured it in one sitting. Later I told my room mate that it was a so-so read.

Today I got back from the Sunderbans. During my trip there were times when I did not know whether I was seeing the tide country through my eyes or through the words of Amitav Ghosh. I believe in giving credit where it is due and Amitav Ghosh has my apologies for categorizing him as so-so. If the tide country in on the cards let the Hungry tide be your first tide.

Like Ghosh I too have many stories from the tide country but I am too tired to recount them all tonight. Just for tonight, I want to dream that I am back in the Elmar while the tides tease her and she rocks gently in answer. Maybe tomorrow I may awake before the dawn, jump off the boat and walk up the hardened clay path on my way to a fresh water shower. If only! Sigh!


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