Do Everything you love

I have done my share of crazy things in life. Most of them have backfired. I remember the most recent ones. The older ones I do not. But I know they are there; way down in my life’s timeline.  The wounds I lick today will not seem so deep a few years from now. That much I have learnt.

My biggest fear in life is that one day I will look back and regret the things I have not done. I do have  a list of things which I wish I had done, words I wish I had said. I would hate that list to grow longer. God forbid.

Do everything you love. Yes it is possible. It is practical. More importantly it is simple. You want to climb Everest? It is doable. You just got to start. Start small. Why don’t you start with a walk down the road. Maybe a trek over the weekend.

Want to travel around the world. Oh I hear you! Your  home town is also part of the world. Why not start there and slowly work up the mile chart?

Want to read the Ulysses.( This one is no joke for us mere mortals). Start one page at a time.

Maybe circumstances in life has you juggling more balls than you can handle?  Maybe you are not living the life you imagined? I agree life is not fair all the time, but it is still good.  So find time. Squeeze in an hour here and there.  Make a list. Start small.

Do it. Do it one at a time. Do it all. Do everything you love.