Where the tortoise and the hare wins

Last week was crazy. I was running around from shop to shop asking for door handles and hinges and screws slightly longer than an inch. I was waking up to the birds chirping and clear crisp morning air with not a trace of pollution. I was always traveling, rushing from place to place. I found myself sitting in the waiting area of hospitals, unusually quiet and deserted catching up on some reading.

I helped my sister settle down in her new apartment. I just lazed an entire day doing absolutely nothing and feeling perfectly divine.I had so much leisure time that I watered my cousins water deprived plants.  I was in a rush to meet family and friends that I did not board the return train home. I ate out and I helped my cousin cook pesto chicken with the basil that she grew. ( Oh pure joy!)

If I was in Aesop’s’ fable I wonder what I would be;would I be the hare or would I be the tortoise? In all my travels I have tried to be the tortoise not wanting to lose. But last week I learned something- no matter how fast or slow ( or how right Aesop was) the tortoise and hare wins. It’s all in the mind. Sometimes you have got to race to get there. At other  times you can always  slow down and still be sure to get there. The difference lies in knowing who you want to be at that point of time. You cannot be both,  the tortoise and the hare. You have got to choose.

You know what they say you win some , you lose some!


3 thoughts on “Where the tortoise and the hare wins

  1. I think choosing so definitively is over-rated. I think we are such a wonderful mix. I’m a hare on weekends but a tortoise during the week. Perfect harmony! 🙂
    What do you think? We need challenges in life otherwise we wither away inside.


    • For me its the opposite. I am a tortoise on the weekends and( oh how I love that slow-ie feeling). I have never given thought to the fact that I do not have to choose. I am going to try that.

      And I totally I agree with the fact that we need to challenge ourselves. There is a certain joy in overcoming obstacles and fears 🙂


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