Kalos Kai Agathos

Kalos Kai Agathos. The singular balance of the good with the beautiful.

Kalos Kai Agathos. The most beautiful of the greek phrases( not that I know them all!).

No one speaks like that any more.; at least not about balance.

The Greeks had their own version of  a ‘Kalos Kai Agathos‘  person. According to them:

“You are Greek. You are free. You are a non-worker. You are affluent. You are healthy. You come from a respectable family. You are good-looking, well groomed, and clean. You are intelligent and sensible. You can take part in an intellectual discussion. You are not a coward . You are a city-dweller. You have leisure time.  You honor the gods. You avoid hubris. You act honorably. You are a good citizen of your polis. You appreciate beautiful things. “


Most of what the greeks  considered to be the qualities of a Kalos kai agathos person does not suit the modern society. Now I can’t imagine being affluent while at the same time being a non-worker ( there are ways of course, but let’s not go there, shall we). So in this post I have attempted to describe  how the greeks ( the ancient ones) would have defined a Kalos Kai agathos person in the modern age.

You are all human. You hold a passport. You have a vacuum cleaner and a dish washer.You have a credit card that can be used anywhere in the world. You work out. You e-mail/tweet/text/ping/call your family and friends on a regular basis. You believe in sun screen and wrinkle-free clothes. You can google answers at the speed of light. You can comment on random discussions in a random person’s Facebook page. You can still drive to work with a terrible hangover.  You live close to a cafe with free wi-fi. You set aside time every week for your favourite sitcoms.  You have at least one apple product. You are content watching the match on your iPhone instead of your gigantic plasma screen TV. When a show is selling out like hot cakes who honourably book on-line in order to ease the pain of your fellow men queueing up at the box office. You are always on the hunt for more tax saving schemes. You appreciate caramel popcorn at the movies. 

Kalos Kai Agthos. The singular balance of the good with the beautiful.

Kalos Kai Agathos. Only the Greek gods could have thought up something as delightful as this!


A penny for your thoughts!

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