The Paris not in guide books

I strongly believe that everything and everybody has a story to tell. It’s just a matter of listening. When I travelled to Paris last year I did all the touristy things. It was nice but what I really enjoyed was the walking tours conducted by the Parisian. Oh! They had so many stories to tell.

Notre Dame Cathedral

It is said that the architect was a narcissist and he had a statue of his resemblance erected along with those of the disciples and saints. So check before you petition!

13 Disciples?

‘Locked on’

The story goes that two lovers, a Romeo and Juliet of sorts, as a token of their undying love to each other ‘locked’ their hearts to a bridge and threw the keys into the river. According to the story as long as their  hearts remained ‘locked’ nothing on earth could tear them apart.Maybe it worked for them, because I came across a lot of locks. I wonder if the owners of the  rusted ones are still ‘locked’ on to each other.

Locked on

Helen and Albert

This ones a very queer story. Helen was a nun and Albert was a priest. Yes you guess it, they fell in love with each other.  There is a long story regarding their unfortunate love story. But I will not bore you. Anyways it came to be that when there died they were buried next to each other in the same grave, somewhere inside this house. But the owner of the house being deeply religious could not bear the thought of them being next to each other that he exhumed the bodies and had a partition built in between them.

In death you shall be apart!

The oldest tree in Paris

The tree in the right upper corner of the picture is oldest tree in Paris. It is a pleasant place to picnic on a baguette early in the morning, that is if you don’t mind the company of hungry demanding birds.

The oldest tree

The Gargoyles of the Notre Dame

The gargoyles  around the cathedral are a sight especially when it is raining. They were designed in such a manner that when it rains the water flows down the gargoyles through narrow opening in the mouth so as to give an impression that they were drooling.

The Droolers

Paris has a lot of these queer interesting stories. I would recommend joining a walking tour if you have the time. Most of them are free although  tips are accepted and appreciated. There is a lot of things you could learn in that one hour than in reading the guide book from cover to cover!

Please forgive the quality of the pictures. They were taken at a time when to me all photography meant was ‘click click’. Times have changed; I guarantee that.


A penny for your thoughts!

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