It’s not time yet

When I first moved to Hyderabad, I did not intent on staying for long. So I got busy seeing everything I needed to see, covering places as quickly as possible. Then, just like that I was done and I still found myself in Hyderabad.

Following this realization came a period of frustration and anger regarding everything that had to do with Hyderabad. Maybe it’s just me but my happiness to a certain appreciable amount depends on the physical location. I was stuck and boy was I mad.

But lately (and maybe because of some Zen reading) I find myself re discovering the city. History has always fascinated me. Add architecture to that and that is the recipe for a perfect high! ( Strictly personal choice for intoxication).

I have walked by buildings with pigeons crapping all over the place, glanced at graffiti on walls, most of which were professions of love and even visited famous palaces ( more than  three times mind you) never really listening to what the stones had to say. Maybe I am still in Hyderabad for a reason.

I am going to strive to unearth the history of this remarkable heritage city.Going through all the literature that is available I am seized by a sudden fear that maybe time is not on my side.

No, it’s not time to leave yet. I have miles to go before I leave.

All the posts related to the history and heritage will be posted under the category Heritage.

3 thoughts on “It’s not time yet

  1. Start with the Heritage Walk that happens every Sunday at 7:00 AM from Charminar and ends at Chowmohalla place. The guys from Archeological Survey of Indian give very good trivia.. about 100 bucks with Breakfast when I went.


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