From your wise self…


While growing up I dreamed of becoming many things; I dreamed of flying fighter planes; my height coupled with my mother’s prayers saw that it did not happen. I dreamed of being a journalist reporting from the front line, a degree in engineering I think has probably killed that one. I dreamed of fighting for women’s rights and also dreamed of winning the Nobel prize , not sure in which category but never the less I had a acceptance speech prepared.  Being a writer or a teacher was never on that list.

Then I one day I found myself in an empty campus apartment , home sick and friendless, my first day at Georgia Tech. While the tears flowed freely I wrote a letter to myself telling me to hang on and I would do great.  The letter contained a lot of advice on studying hard, getting a good grade, finding a job, etc., etc.

There was one advice in that letter that is relevant even today. My old self told my future self , – A journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step. (It was a favorite quote of mine back then). I went on to tell myself that what ever I wanted to do I could, all I had to do was to get started. I signed the letter ‘ your wise self’.

When I look back I see how appropriate the advice is. After grad school, I discovered my love for writing and have wanted to write. I always talked about it  but never really got down to doing  it.

Recently I finally took my first step and started writing and today as a result my article was published here.

To my dear old self,
Thank you for that advice. We did graduate grad school with decent grades, not all that high as you hoped. But it did not matter at all in the long run. Our life never turned out the way we expected. It turned out even better!
Oh and that thing John Lennon wrote about life , that really is so true!
Much older ( not really wiser) self.

A penny for your thoughts!

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