Lets celebrate You~

My favorite birthday card to date is one that my cousins sent me for my tenth birthday. In the front there is a picture of a nice guy with a suit and a neck tie and a lady in a red dress all prim and proper. It read ” All my friends are rational, sane and well-behaved“. When you open up the card it reads “Thanks for breaking the monotony” with a  picture of a person riding what seems to be a broomstick. All hell seemed to have broken loose inside! My cousin in all his wisdom had drawn an arrow from the person and it ended with my name ‘Lisa’, circled twice.
Needless to say I was always branded as different, right from the beginning. If anything in the vicinity went wrong I would invariable get the questioning look.

I have never had the need to develop an affinity for trouble. I was born with that skill. What I have developed over the years is the skill to get out of trouble and what I am trying to learn these days is how to get out of trouble as quickly as I  get into it!

But this is me and I am never going to change. I am wired this way.I accept it.

So today where ever you are, celebrate yourself! You are unique. You might be a misfit where you are. Rejoice at it. Because it means you are living your life and not following a beaten path.

People may brand you as a lost cause, beyond redemption; be thankful for them. These are the people who will get you going on your search, for if they were to shut up then you might get comfortable where you are not meant to be.

You may have discovered your place in life, enjoy the feeling. Not many people ( me included) know what that feeling is like.

So today just be yourself, there is no greater strength you possess than in being who you really are!


5 thoughts on “Lets celebrate You~

    • Thanks Nisha.

      You have no idea how encouraging your comment is!
      I will keep writing even long after I cannot travel anymore 🙂



  1. Exacto! The one thing I like about misfits…they are courageous and forgiving. Courageous because they have the insurmountable patience (isn’t that is what courage is?…your thoughts) to walk on the path they have chosen. Forgiving because they know how to forgive themselves if something doesn’t works out and move onto the next thing in their life. The easiest thing to lose in this maze of a world is you so preserve yourself from the mindless krypton (your thoughts again?..)!


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