Destination: Page, Arizona

Page is a small town  about 90 miles from the Grand Canyon.  The town of Page is a consequence of the Glen Canyon dam over Lake Powell.  It has a lane with churches of different denominations on either side. There were more denominations than I was aware of.

For a day trip the following are the must -see/ should not miss sights:

#1. Slot Canyon:

Also known as the Antelope canyon.  This underground canyon formed by the Colorado  rushing through at one point, is a photographer’s haven.Light streams through the cracks in the rocks and creates a delightful effect.

It is in Navajo territory which means you need to pay the reservation entry fees. Only cash is accepted and it closes at 5 pm. The area is prone to flash floods .

A small crack in the ground

A crack with a ladder...

In the morning

In the afternoon

In the evening

#2. Horse Shoe bend

It is a horse shoe shaped meander of the Colorado river. It is a quarter of a mile trek from the road. It is a quite a drop from the edge and since there are no railings around hold on!

The horse shoe bend

One of Colorado's many meanders

#3. Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell

The town of Page was originally built to house the construction workers while the arch dam was being constructed across the lake.

The Lake Powell stretches into Utah. It gives a sense of calm only disturbed by an occasional speed boat.

Glen Canyon Dam

Lake Powell


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