The art of living your life

Yesterday I went shopping and the aftermath of it has left me horrified. Have our lives been reduced to materialistic possessions? Are our characters now valued by the brands that adorn our body?Is our sole purpose of making money just so that we can  wallow in brands, looks and in improving society’s opinion of ourselves?

The sad truth is that today our lives revolve around our work. Important things take a back seat because there is an emergency at work. Is this what we call ‘progress’? If that is so then please take me back to the stone age. I do not mind having to cover my self with leaves and  feed myself with berries from the ground. At least I will have the freedom to live my life at my pace.

I do not contest the fact that work is important. Sure we need the money. We all do. We need the money to live the good life. But how much money is enough? The finish line for making money moves farther away from you every time you catch sight of it. There are no finishers in that race.

There was a time when people had jobs so that  they could support themselves, so that we could always do what their hearts wanted, however simple that desire may be. They are the true winners!

They lived their lives completely. If they loved reading, they bought books, they didn’t have to make time for it. There was always plenty of time for it. If they loved traveling they simply got into their car, or a boat or a plane and went to places. They were no leave applications needed. If they loved cooking, they cooked.  To them  only what they thought and what they made of their lives mattered. Not what a society perceived their life should be.

They had the same 24 hours , same months in a year and the same number of weeks and days  as we have. But why are we still always trying to catch up to the things we love to do? Why  are we battling with the hours to make time for what is important for us?

In the coming  days of this year I am going to focus on ” Living my life“. I am a civilized citizen, an intelligent human being I should be capable of  living my life on my terms without encroaching on other’s beliefs and freedom.  Surely I do not need a society to tell me what I should or should not be doing!

Which brings me back to my shopping misery.On my way out of the mall I saw a banner which advertised a 2 day seminar on “The art of living your life”.

Oh,  the irony of having someone else lecture you on the art of living YOUR life! What a funny world we live in.


6 thoughts on “The art of living your life

  1. Come back and live the estate muthalaly life – no deadlines, no leave applications, no late nights – Just make a few cuts on the trees and watch the money flow – yeah!!


    • Avira,

      I like a bit of both worlds 🙂 But our parents have it so lucky. They make the rules, they make the policies. Go Estate life!


  2. I like the line “The finish line for making money moves farther away from you every time you catch sight of it.”

    Jodie Foster once said,” You don’t try to be somebody else, try being yourself. You try to act cooler. But…acting is about being the un-coolest person in the room. If you can just be who you are and not apologize for that. Be the un-cool you that you are inside”.

    So I guess art of living is just being yourself! The “you” that you are when no one else is around you.


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