2011 – In retrospective

2011 has been a strange year for me.I can honestly say that I have been fully alive this entire year. I have tried and lost, learnt and failed, cried and laughed.I have traveled far and near.

I have captured the essence of the 12 months of 2011 in a single status.

January: You can make things happen,watch things happen or wonder what happened.

February: The good Lord was at His best when he made sisters!

March: The greatest joy of traveling is the comfort of returning home.

April: The only constant in this ever-changing world is the love of your family.

May: Not every cause is a worthy one. Do not spend your energy in a cause you begin to doubt.

June: Breathe, Smile and Move slowly.

July: Life’s greatest gift is a friend who knows every single fault of yours but still thinks you are the best!

August: Sometimes you have to be lost, if you want to be found.

September: When you really work towards a goal, even the universe conspires to set things in place for you.

October: The more you move, the stronger you grow.

November: The best travel souvenirs are the friends you make on the road.

December: When life becomes boring, risk! You will discover the wonders of your own courage.


A penny for your thoughts!

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