My age this year

My dining table is cluttered with greeting cards, CD’s, brown manila covers, scraps of papers of all kinds with addresses scribbled incorrigibly on them. It’s Christmas time.

This year I have a few new names on my  list.

Alistair McDonald. Motherwell ,Scotland

I can actually imagine him reading this card standing in his living room. I can mentally see all the photographs of his kids and grand kids tucked neatly into a collage and hung on the wall along with all his souvenir spoons and his bagpipe.
He was a wonderful host. My sister and I would have had such horrible memories of a failed Euro trip if he had not asked us to visit him in Scotland.

Cedrick Ombego, Nairobi, Kenya

I scanned the arrivals lounge at the Nairobi International airport. There was only one board that remotely resembled my name ,”Lisaa Mayiee”. A scrawny hand held up that board. I walked over and said hello. And that is how I met Ceddy, my first friend in Africa.

He was a strict baby sitter. I had to be always in his view so that he could keep an eye on me when we went out. But thanks to him I acclimatized myself to Kenya within a day or two.

Kevin Adenyo, Mombasa,Kenya

Timing was not his strong point. I remember waiting at the railway station for a good half an hour till this AOP field dispatcher picked me up.I nearly missed my bus back to Nairobi owing to the fact that he misunderstood my 8 a.m as an 8 p.m.
What he lacked in timing he made up with his sense of humor and fun. I traveled solo to Kenya but I did not feel alone even for a single minute thanks to  Kevo and his band of wonderful family and friends.

Taeko Nishigaki, Mombasa, Kenya

” You will be a stronger woman at the end of three weeks!”. That has got to be my favorite sentence from Taeko in all the three weeks that I spent volunteering at St. Peter’s. What’s not surprising is that she was dead on.

I have always wondered how long does it take an individual to change the world. Taeko taught  me that in three weeks you can set the wheels in motion.

Somebody, North Carolina, USA

The latest random postcard I will be sending is to a somebody somewhere in North Carolina, USA. In her postcrossing profile she has said that she does not have a preference in the type of postcards she gets.Well, that does not necessarily make things easy for me. Which one do I send her, one of  Hyderabad, one of the London Eye or the one with a quote by John Lennon?


In the background iTunes changes the song and John Lennon sings, ” Imagine …” as if saying ,”choose me, choose me”! I duly comply.

I write the address and turn the postcard to read the quote again ” “Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears.”

If that’s true then I have aged quite a bit this year!


A penny for your thoughts!

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