A different kind of shopping

[ I have enrolled in a 12 weeks travel writing course with the Matador University. As a part of our course work we have to write certain articles and publish them in our blog. This piece is part of the sixth assignment  which we to research  and find different publications which will be ideal for our writing.]

I am an amateur writer. I do not have any published work. While scouring the net I found a lot of conflicting advice on where to pitch and where not to pitch. I do not have the luxury of choice.My plan is
 Step 1: Write well,
Step 2: Connect to editors using the social media
Step 3: Post my writings on to my blog,
Step 4: Publicize my writing using Twitter,Facebook and the like.
Step 5: start from step one again.
One day someone other than my family and friends will notice my writing and then I can add a step in between 4 and 5: Get published.

There are many pages on the internet dedicated to publications that pay for your writing. I have listed out ones that align with my writing style. They are divided into sections of What ( What is the theme of the publication), Who ( Who is the editor) and How ( How should you submit your story). I have left out the monetary bit because in most cases there was little (or no) information available.

1. Matador:

What:Matador is an independent media company based around travel culture worldwide.There are 12 content specific blogs.

Who: Each dedicated blog has its own editor. You can get the list of the editors here.

How: Submission guidelines are given on the website.

2.World Hum:

What: Travel stories often told in first person.

Who:Eva Holland

How: dispatch@worldhum.com
Submissions or the pitch along with a brief bio should be pasted into the body of the email.

3. Open Skies

What: The in flight magazine of Emirates Airlines. They publish destination pieces on cities that Emirates flies to.

Who: Guido Duken

How: Mail your submission to guido@motivate.ae

4. Spice Route

What: Monthly in flight magazine of the low-cost Indian airline Spice Jet.They publish destination pieces on cities that they fly to.

Who:Florina Soren


5. Lonely Planet Magazine India:

What: A popular travel related magazine in India. They publish monthly and their articles include destinations from all over the world as well as short weekend trips from the major cities in India.

Who:Vardhan Kondvikar

6.The Hindu Metro Plus

What: The weekly supplement of the newspaper, The Hindu. They publish travel related article.



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