Why I do what I do

I started writing before I started traveling. Even today I am amazed at how an artful arrangement of
simple words can make the ordinary seem exotic and romantic. Traveling came much later in life; but
the confluence of the two has largely defined my life thereafter.

I have no formal education in journalism, literature or art.  But I am very passionate about travel writing.

A good writer is without exception an avid reader. Over the years I have drawn inspiration from the
works of people of all ages and eras. I have been motivated by blogs, novels, pull out articles and
magazines. I have been  fascinated and in turn adopted their philosophy that a
true traveler not only travels but inspires others to do so too.

My purpose in traveling is not merely to check off places on a list. No. I want to experience each corner
of the world, explore the lives of people, discover commonalities, celebrate the uniqueness and maybe
leave behind my little contribution however insignificant it may be.

I am not content in keeping my experiences to myself. I want every individual to realize that people living on
the other side of their midnight are not so different from themselves. I acknowledge the fact that every
traveler sees the world differently. But I would like to show people my view through my writings and
hope that it will inspire them to go out and discover their own point of view.

During my trips I have travelled as the tourist, following the herd, as the adventurer, making my own
path and as the pseudo local, living and breathing the place. Each of these experiences has cemented
my belief in Thoreau’s saying, ‘Wherever men have lived there is a story to be told’.


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