Extracts from a volunteer’s diary – The last part

I wake up before the alarm. As usual I grab my bucket and walk to the only tap in the compound.

I pass by Mamma Mike’s room. The radio is on. She must be making tea.

Mamma Sharu is already at the tap, filling her bucket. She smiles at me and says ,”there is lots of water today”.I smile back and say, ” I already like this day”.

I text Taeko,’You awake? I am coming over for a coffee.’

She texts back, ‘Karibu’.

I look at the clothes on my bed. Maybe I should quickly pack before I step out for the day. I grab my backpack and start stuffing the things inside. In the next bed Insabeta groans. Maybe I should come back and pack.

I walk down the all too familiar road. Involuntarily I make the left turn to Kevo’s place. I stop and smile. I am not going this way right now. It’s funny when I think that I will not be walking down this way from tomorrow. Funny but sad. It’s seems like I have walked down this road forever.

I walk to the junction , cross the road , getting nearly thrown off the road by a Matatu by name ‘Bachelor road poison’. I will miss this place.

I climb the stairs to Taeko’s  place. She opens her door with, “ ohhhh ! Today is your last day.”


A penny for your thoughts!

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