Extracts from a volunteer’s diary – Part 8

Tiger Tiger

 ‘”Tiger tiger burning bright
In the forest of the night
What immortal hand or eye
Dare frame thy fearful symmetry”

16 blank faces stared back at me. Well I guess William Blake’s Tiger tiger is not exactly a poem for the kinder garden children; but in my defence this class was a surprise to me. At that instant this was the only four lines I could remember .

We tried getting it right the entire day.  We got till

” Tiger tiger <<<… mumble…>>> Bright
In the forest of the night
<<…. very low mumble…..>> … <<  a very faint…>> Hand or eye
<< absolute silence..>> << then a loud..>> Cement Tree!”

We kept repeating the four lines over and over through out the week but progressed no further.

On Friday before school let out ,I asked Purity to lead the class in the usual ‘ We thank you Lord for our school’ prayer.

Like an angel , she came up in front of the class, closed her eyes and folded her hands and she prayed,

” Tiger tiger bunning bright
In the forest of the night
what important hand or eye
da femme the favourite cement tree”

A penny for your thoughts!

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