Extracts from a volunteer`s diary – Part 7

Creativity or the death of imagination


On Monday we have creative activities in the afternoon.

The definition of creativity is as follows: Originality, Progressiveness, imaginative.  But what I saw was none of these.

Last Monday , I had cut out paper cards for the kids. The general idea was to let them color in the front and write anything they wanted,to whomsoever they wanted on the inside.

I was in for a shock. No that’s not how it was done. We had to write  the lines on the blackboard , even draw a flower on the front. That did not stop there.

We decided the colors they were going to use.

This was my first Monday at the school. I decided to shut up and do what was always being done. This is not creativity, this is the death of imagination!

I am going to make a change!

Well today I scored a small but significant goal. I made paper crowns for the kids and insisted that they use their imagination to color. When I met with resistance I put my foot down. No, we would not write anything on the board. The kids would do it all on their own.

The kids found it tough in the beginning. They were so used to being told what to do. They kept asking

`Should I used pencil  or color to write my name.`

`Do what you like`, I would answer,

`Should I use red or green?`

` Use what you like` came the reply.

Eventually they got the hang of it. Then there was a fight for the colors and a volley of

` Teacher, do you like my picture`.

`Teacher, look at this,I drew my Daddy`.

But all in all, it was a good day. We had different colored crowns.

Karen had drawn cats all around it, while Tyra drew classroom objects . Benjamin even wrote his name in big bold letters across the crown. Well he misspelt it but at least he used his imagination!


A penny for your thoughts!

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