Extracts from a volunteer`s Diary – Part 5

Wonders in the sand, Delights in the water

It was 6 am on Saturday morning. There was no water at home for a week. It was hot.  So we decided to walk to the beach in search of an early morning breakfast. Best decision of the day!

In India the tide comes in during the day and goes out during the evening. In Kenya it goes out in the day and comes in the night.  Well we are in different hemispheres!

The Indian Ocean

We walked along the shore and  we came across a such wonderful shells and the like floating around.

Wonders in the sand

A shell of some sort

A floating sea weed

Another sea weed

I have always associated a camel with a desert, dry waterless regions. So you can imagine my delight in finding a camel standing tall for a bath along the shore.

A camel at the beach

Then came the snorkeling part.The corals and the fish at the Mombasa Marine Park are truly amazing. unfortunately I did not have an underwater camera. But take my word when I am it’s truly amazing.

Meanwhile here are a few of the sailing pics.

Our boat Nusra

Preparing to sail

And we are on our way


A penny for your thoughts!

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