Extracts from a volunteer’s diary -Part 3

Bonds that cannot be broken

“”Nimeshiba, “Nimeshiba”“, repeated Ian with pleading eyes. I tried ignoring his pleas and instead urged him to finish his lunch. I did not blame him for not wanting to eat , the lunch was terrible.  But there was nothing I could do to help him.

At the far side of the kitchen, Rose was force feeding the children who were having trouble finishing the lunch. It was not  a pretty sight. On seeing that Ian started trembling. My heart went out to the little four-year old.  I offered him a chair in a dark corner of the kitchen, hoping to keep him out of Rose’s sight as far as possible.

Unfortunately  the darkness could not help Ian for a long time. Rose eventually spied him and with a thunderous sound started towards Ian.  Her voice reached a crescendo and poor Ian started wailing.

Barely had Rose lifted her hands to strike , when Boniface, Ian’s older brother ran out of nowhere and with one single move grabbed the plate from Ian and put his hands protectively around his brother.

Boniface whispered something to Ian who with quiet tears rested his head on Boniface’s chest while opening  his mouth to receive the spoonful of beans that his brother fed him.

Rose’s hand descended to circle the brothers in a bear hug. I didn’t hide my tears either.

Boniface is 10 years old, tall with twinkling eyes. Boniface has trouble spelling, reading and counting.He sits in the same class as his brother . He sits in my class.

Boniface is mentally challenged, but no disability in this world can tamper with his love for his younger brother.

I am proud to be his teacher.


5 thoughts on “Extracts from a volunteer’s diary -Part 3

  1. I couldn’t help but cry on reading this. At times blood relationship exist at some different level altogether..maybe that’s what they mean by soul mates..


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