Extracts from a volunteer`s diary- Part 1

#1: Water

” This is the water we use for clothes washing dishes washing, teeth brushing, drinking, tea making; everything, this is the water for everything”, concluded Mamma Junior as she closed the only tap in the compound shared by seven families.

As I watched the last few drops of water fall I screamed in my mind,” Drinking!! you are joking right! The color of that water is brown”.

A week later I still drink tea in the morning.

#2. Conversations

Llpena: Voice medium pitched but gruff, hands slapping the air, voice rising, tone from gruff to seriously bass, hips swaying to the left, Right leg stomping, voice falling,  a couple of snorts, a few deafening Mms; Now left hand to the hip, voice as high as an opera singer, both hands waving frantically, a final snort, the cadence reached.


Dennis: Lifts three fingers, all the while not taking his eyes off his phone.


End of conversation!

Me: Dennis, What was Llpena so upset about?

Dennis: < Still not taking his eyes off his phone > Oh! she just wanted to know how many kids have not had their lunch.

Me: Are you sure that is all she wanted to know?

#3: Color of the skin

Guide: I can also show  you to see a tamarind tree. It’s a miraculous tree. Lots of good things come from the tree. All this for only 1000 Ksh.  I no cheat you!

< Pointing to a frangipani tree> See there that tamarind tree. the flowers smelling nice.

Me: That is not a Tamarind tree!

Guide: Where are you from?

Me: India, where there are lots of Tamarind trees!

Guide: The color of your skin cheat me!


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  1. Absolutely love the Tamarind tree part..I would have loved to see the expression on your face at that time..btw did you click the photo of the tree???

    P.S who is Denis? Handsome? 😉


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