Of dreams and desires

Somewhere in my being I know I will look back at today and say “ Yes that day was the culmination of a long dream; a desire so strong that  it transpired into reality without any detail missing”. I just know it.

I am a body of fear and excitement, fear of the unknown, the excitement in anticipation of all the wonderful things to come.

I now know what Christopher McCandless meant when he wrote, “I now walk into the wild”.

I now know what it means to trust in abandon.

I now know what people mean when the say the universe conspires to set things right for you.

I now know the joy in knowing you are living the life you have wanted.

I now know how to shut out the voices in my head.

I now know to pack light.

I now know a lot of things but foremost I know this:

Today has arrived!


A penny for your thoughts!

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