Hyderabad , The essential

The highlights:

Discover the  uniqueness, the vibrancy, and the affluence that is ‘Truly Hyderabadi”.

Salar Jung Museum:

The  most impressive fact about this museum is that it is a single man’s private collection. Honestly this is a whole day’s affair. But if pressed for time must see exhibits are :

      • The veiled Rebecca: A master piece in marble by the Italian sculptor Giovanni Benzoni.  The lifelike Rebecca looks marvelous beneath the transparent marble veil.
      • The double statue :The statue has Mephistopheles on one side and Margarita on the other.  While Mephistopheles wears a sardonic grin and is a picture of arrogance, Margarita has a very gentle and meek posture.  This sculptor of this work is unknown.
      • The musical clock : It bears testimony to the craftsmanship and quality of its makers. The  clock has a soldier who keeps track of the seconds o with the beat of his drum and another soldier  pops out to ring in the hour.


It would be sinful to visit Hyderabad and not have Charminar on your itinerary.The four minarets of Charminar keep watch while hawkers sell their ware below. Do not be surprised if you see a man flying a kite, selling broken porcelain wares and chasing a cow away  all at once.

The Charminar in Hyderabad, India

Image via Wikipedia

Charminar is also famous for its bangle shops. You can find bangles of every colour, for every occasion and for every attire.

Bangles galore

Chowmallah Palace :

The Chowmallah palace still maintains its regal look. It’s not hard to imagine the palace during its heyday. There are four palaces within it’s complex and it resembles the Shah’s Palace in Tehran.The  architecture is splendid ;there is grandeur and simplicity and a perfect marriage between the two. The servant’s quarters for example was built to a very simple plan. However it has a long corridor with wooden doors at regular at interval which makes it grand .The Durbar hall is beyond beautiful it is grandiose. The chandeliers and the marble flooring quietly state that the Nizams lived in tasteful affluence.

The servant's Quarters

The Main palace

Golconda Fort:

The majestic ruins was once the birthplace of the city Hyderabad;deep in its soil miners chanced upon the Kohinoor diamond. The tales associated with the fort are many and hence I highly recommend employing the services of a guide.

View from the top of the fort

The kings way

Golconda was once a confluence of religions, a cradle of culture and literature  and now has only the walls to speak for it.

View of the clapping portico

The sound and light show is worth a shot; It brings the ruins to life with tales of love, war, treason and betrayal.

Venue of the sound and light show

Sound and Light show


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