My solidarity with the unknown unfortunate

”  …. around 20, last seen wearing a blue jacket, climbing the north face on Thursday. If you see a Samsung mobile, blue jacket or any of the mentioned belongings  please contact the Fort William Police ..”

No name. Does not say anything about him. Just says if you see any of his belongings.  Do they think he is already dead?

” I thought Ben Nevis was  an easy climb”.

I look at Maria through the mirror. I don’t answer, but I continue reading the notice pasted on the mirror in the Ladies  room at the Fort William Visitor’s Centre.

There is a picture that goes along with the notice, a boy. He  barely looks 20. What was he doing climbing the Ben alone?

I sigh. I dry my hands, button up my coat, give Maria a glance before I opened the door. Together we step back out to face the Scottish winter. The notice forgotten.

” There on your right is Ben”, points out our driver and guide  as we drive away from Fort William. ” He is 4 thousand feet tall.  Not too tall, Eh. He’ll grow in another million years..  He he.  Oh somebody is trouble. You can see  a rescue helicopter there ” .

Maria and I look at each other. I can only guess what is on her mind. Are they searching for the boy with the blue jacket and the Samsung phone?

I  send up a silent prayer for who ever they may be searching for.

The rescue helicopter dwarfed by the clouds around the North face

Soon we left Ben Nevis behind  and headed north to Skye.

However that night, after we had retired to the backpackers hostel in Skye,

“Lisa, do you think they found the guy?”

“I don’t know. I hope they have “.


” We have not called home in a bit”.

“It’s too late to call now. We’ll call  tomorrow”.

I know what prompted Maria to bring up the call home topic. I hope the boy in the blue jacket and Samsung phone got a chance to call home before he began his climb.

Two days later, on our way back from Skye we stopped at Loch Ness for lunch. While looking for a restaurant we passed by a newspaper shop.There was the front page of a paper in display outside.

It read  ‘ Body found in Ben Nevis search for Walker’. We walked by the shop and never mentioned the guy in the blue jacket and the Samsung phone again.


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