Blogs and their names

Let me start with mine,

Places, Faces and the Journey in between : At the end of the day one’s journey to a place is never complete without the people you meet along the way.

Ones I love :

Passports and Postcards :- Don’t miss the ‘seeing the world one stamp at a time‘. I love the title.  That one caption symbolizes my heart’s one  desire. Wish I had thought about it first! Sigh!!!

The more intelligent life :- The economist’s blog. I love the way it implies sophistication. It makes me feel  intelligent just by subscribing to it.

Where nobody knows you blog :- It has a very personal touch. An added bonus is the beauty of every post. Maybe I am partial because like me the author is trying her hand at travel writing. You should definitively give her a read!

Tranquility Square :- It suggests a sense of calmness. It’s catch phrase ‘Footprints on the clouds’ is apt since the author is a pilot with a very interesting view of life.


A penny for your thoughts!

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