Small places … Big finds…

I found Paris in the small streets. Those streets you would think twice about and then  unceremoniously continue walking along the main street.Its an alien feeling when you realise that you are invading a true Parisian hangout. Chances are you will never blend with the crowd. I didn’t even try.

Here’s my list. Personally I am glad that these are not there in any guide books. No! That would mean desecration!!!

1. La Cuortiserrie:

It’s more than coffee and a snack. It’s hours of gazing at funny animals, tracing them out on napkins.

Three + one little pigs

2. Shakespeare and Co Book company

” …. when I told my mom that I wanted to open a book shop in Paris, she sent me her whole life savings.”  And the result is a life well spent. This is not exactly side street and the truth be told it is found in the Lonely Planet under the book store section. My beef with the Lonley Planet is for dismissing it merely as a book store.

This book store has a lot of history. Silvia Beach published James Joyce ‘Ulysses’. Ironically I am reading that same book while on the trip.

More than a book store
The antiquarian book store
Henry Miller

I walked into the Antiquarian book store without reading the sign over the door. While browsing through the books I found a Hemingway. It was only 7.60  and it was hard bound. What a find!!!

I was thrilled and handed the woman at the desk a ten euro bill. She had the weirdest look . She was kind enough to tell me that the 7.60 was the price when it was first published. I checked the edition and behold it was a first edition. I was beginning to think that this book was a steal. Before I could revel in my find the lady turned to the last page and showed the new price tag 800s Euro and below that was the seal of the Shakespeare Antiquarian book store. What was I even thinking!

3. Au Panetier

This is by far my best find ever. In fact I read about this in blog and searched for two days before I actually found it. When I go back to Paris I know in advance my #1 stop!


A penny for your thoughts!

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