Friends around corners

When the world views my life they will find I have nothing spectacular to boast of.I have not written a best seller. I have not painted a master piece. I do not have a good ear for music. I cannot sing to a tune without being way off pitch.

I do not care what the world thinks of my life. The world does not know the unexpected turns my journey has taken. I have crossed rivers without bridges and scaled mountains without any gear. All this and more ‘with a little help from my friends’.

My travels have taught me that there are always friends around unexpected  corners. The lady in the red coat who smiles for a split second in a crowded Paris train , the kid who looks at you with wonder while you  gaze cluelessly at the city map, the  waitress who let you sit in her café for 2 hours  with just a cup of coffee, unknowingly they become your friends. The split second you share you life with them makes a lasting difference. You may not have photographs of them, may never talk about them but you will never forget them.

But my favourite friends are the ones just around the corner. Friends who are on the other side of midnight but still keep awake with you. Sharing your agony about screwed up Visa officers, friends who patiently listen when one bad moment in your trip brings you to pour out a year of misfortune. Friends who live your moments with you. Friends who never buy a ticket but travel along with you because they are just a click  or a call away.

So when you  look at my life if you will but  peek around the corner you will find the pillars of my life.


A penny for your thoughts!

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