Because ‘Life is in session’

I have new-found respect for John Lennon who said “Life is what happens when we are busy making other plans”.

Bang! He hit the nail on the head.

Our Epic Euro trip suffered a pre mature end,thanks to the Visa section, French Embassy. Maria’s Schengen was denied.

We had a lot of options in hand. They being:

1. I could continue on without Maria

If there is something I learnt the week I was in Paris and Madrid it’s got to be this: – ” It’s not so much about the place as it is about the experience.”

I missed having Maria around; for confirmation when I saw a truly splendid work of art, for consolation when I just missed the train and more for the companionship, of knowing that there is someone else who has blisters on their feet.

2. We could cry about it

And we did. Lots of crying. We sulked around for a day. Amma in all her wisdom said that disappointments are good! That did not help one bit, at least not just then.

3. Or when life gave us lemons we could make lemonade

And this is what we are going to be doing. We planned for months for the Euro trip. Now we are going to go on a holiday with no planning. Just going to take one day at a time.

My lesson learnt is that even the best laid plans some times never leave the planning board. But that does not mean you stop planning. That does not mean you have reached the road’s end. No it just means there is a diversion.

You can never stop at any point of time  because’ Life is in session’.


A penny for your thoughts!

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